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Workshops/For Schools


We can provide custom workshops to schools, community centres, individuals, etc.
Our workshops engage participants on how to write spoken word, sharing their story via poetry,
using movement and performance techniques on stage, engaging youth to share poetry, and much more.
For details, email
Next Workshop
Past Workshops 
Dec 1 @ CSI Annex at 720 Bathurst
3 to 5pm
Mia S Willis is leading our next workshop on May 12 at 3pm at Centre for Social Innovation Annex (720 Bathurst), 2nd floor.
Springtime Bops is the name of this special workshop. Created at the Cave Canem Retreat by Afaa Michael Weaver, a Bop is the poetic negotiation of a problem the writer is facing. The first stanza is six lines long and introduces the issue, while the second stanza is eight lines long and expands upon the nature of the issue. The third and final stanza documents either the resolution of the problem or lack thereof. Participants in this workshop will first discuss as a group the challenges they encounter in the spring, as well as the ways they care for themselves throughout the season. This discussion will be followed by a writing session, the goal of which is to produce a Bop for the obstacles of springtime.
All TPP workshops are all ages and PWYC.
The workshop will be faciliated by Mia S Willis, our feature poet coming to the slam at the Drake on May 19.
We are so excited to bring back one of our favourite poets, Jillian Christmas from Vancouver! She's featured on our slam stage twice and has long been curating poetry events throughout Toronto (where she used to live) and Vancouver.
Her workshop goes down on MONDAY APRIL 22 at 6pm til 8pm.
@ CSI Toronto at 720 Bathurst St. 2nd Floor Meeting Room #1.
Bring paper, pen, whatever you write on.
About the workshop:
Alone Together
Raindrops have traded in their parachutes hoping to be called Ocean. Islands wake from dreams of being named Archipelago. Angela Davis perches lip against ear: “It is in collectives that we find reserves of hope and optimism”. Can you feel the flock of birds budding on your tongue? Come, gather, write, play, collaborate and pay thoughtful attention. This workshop, designed for creative connection releases us from private story into a shared narrative of joy, and possibility.
TPP is excited to announce our next workshop is being facilitated by Vancouver poet and organizer Isaac Bond!
Dec 17 @ 7pm @ 720 Bathurst. Info below:
Joel Francois, from NYC, will be leading a workshop on extended metaphor. Please bring pens, paper, your laptop, etc.
Sept 23 @ 5pm
At CSI Annex at 720 Bathurst, 2nd Floor, Meeting Room #1.
All ages.
PWYC ($5 to $10 suggested)
The front doors may be locked since it's a weekend event so please call a TPP facilitator if you can't get in: 416-910-8192
And after the workshop, why not head to our slam at 918 Bathurst when doors open at 7pm!
Aug 14 2018 @ Hibiscus Cafe (238 Augusta Ave) 7 to 9pm. PWYC. With Julia Pileggi from Vancouver:
Monday July 16
TPP member Charlie Petch is running a free workshop! But you have to register here:
JUNE 24! 1pm to 3pm
@ Centre for Social Innovation 720 Bathurst. 2nd floor Meeting Room.
Run by Tiny Tricycle Poets from B.C.
Join the Vancouver-based Tiny Tricycle Poets in a creative session of poetry, comedy, and free-form clowning! Participants will be led through a variety of play-based exercises that are focussed on building connection and vulnerability on stage. Our goal is to get goofy and playful to release our inner clowns! The workshop will also include a writing portion that will prompt participants to diversify their creative writing skills and break away from conventional writing tropes.  
PWYC ($5 to $10 suggested donation)
TPP facilitator: Cassandra Myers
Monday May 7, 2018
Poets and people interested in trying out spoken word poetry...
@ Make Lemonade (326 Adelaide St. W)
Suite 600
From 6pm to 7pm

With Lady Vanessa reppin Edmonton, who just became the top poet in Canada! Please bring pen/paper/laptop or whatever you write on. 


Sunday April 15! 

Ahead of his highly anticipated performance at Toronto Poetry Slam later in the evening, U.S. slam legend Derrick C. Brown will lead a writing workshop entitled What Publishers and Audiences Want From You: A Guide for Authors.
@ Centre for Social Innovation, 720 Bathurst. 2nd floor.
12:30pm sharp. Til 1:30pm.
Bring paper and pens/pencils. Or laptop/iPad.
Because the venue is locked to non-members, if for some reason you can't get in please call TPP's Rahul Gupta to be let in: 647-998-3514 

March 3

1pm to 3pm @ Centre for Social Innovation (720 Bathurst St.)
Citizen Charles Room. Main floor. 
Details below:
It all goes down Monday Sept 18 @ The Centre for Social Innovation, 720 Bathurst St.
7pm. Citizen Charles Room.
What's Eating You is a workshop developed from Ebony's one woman show, HUNGER.
The workshop helps us begin to deconstruct and critically reflect on where we have come from;
what wounds, weapons and wonders we possess as a result;
where those circumstances have gotten in our way; and where we want to go.
Past workshops:
The TPP workshop series returns May 11 at Supermarket! See info below:
In the past we've hosted such greats as Mike McGee (US), Sophia Walker (UK), Missie Peters (Victoria), Marty McConnell (NYC) and Buddy Wakefield (L.A.). We also run panels such as "How to be a professional artist", have a listen to this link.
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For Schools

Book Us

Are you a teacher or promoter or community event organizer looking to feature spoken word poetry for your audience/students? Toronto Poetry Project is here to help! Our poets frequently perform at schools and community events across Ontario, including schools of all grades, camps, fundraisers, corporate events, etc. We are also experienced at conducting workshops on writing and performing spoken word. Our workshops can be tailored for any class, any age group

Our workshops and performances energize and inspire audiences, and YOU can have that inspiration at your event or school as well!

If you would like more information or want to book a poet, please email

Beyond the above, please keep an eye for workshop announcements. We will be hosting some of the best poets from around the world. Toronto Poetry Project will be working with them to bring workshop excellence to our city. Learn from some of the greats. Remember, being a forever students means you'll always have something to learn. 
In the past we've hosted such greats as Mike McGee (US), Sophia Walker (UK), Missie Peters (Victoria), Marty McConnell (NYC) and Buddy Wakefield (L.A.). We also run panels such as "How to be a professional artist", have a listen to this link.
Sign up for our newsletters via our Contact page on this site, our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for these and other exciting announcements.